Understanding Exposure in Digital Photography

Exposure in Digital Photography

As simple as the title of this editorial sounds, many “Professional Photographers” are yet to have a grip on what Exposure in Digital Photography really means. Learning is a continuous process and so This is would be the first in a series of editorials where we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Exposure and how it can be demystified. Kindly attempt to read our introductory Editorials to this series which talks about what photography is and a detailed explanation of the DSLR Camera.

Definition of Exposure in Digital Photography

Exposure could be seen as how bright or dark your image would be. It’s imperative that we capture our images with the perfect exposure; meaning it shouldn’t be too dark or too bright.

For us to capture a perfect exposure, we must correctly and creatively combine the three cardinal factors which play a contributing role towards achieving a well-exposed image. They are Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. A simple guide to achieving a perfect exposure is the use of the exposure meter. This could be seen when you look into the viewfinder of your camera.

Light meter scale as seen inside the viewfinder
Light meter scale as seen inside the viewfinder

If it tends towards the right, there’s a tendency for the image to be over-exposed; if it tends towards the left, there’s a tendency for the image to be under-exposed. Having the mark at the at the dead center tends to give a perfectly exposed image. The outcome may vary under certain situations but it’s good we have this as our guiding principle.

We’ll be looking at the three cardinal factors {Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO} and how they individually and collectively {Exposure Triangle} contribute towards producing a perfectly exposed Image.

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