ForteSpy Community; Explained


It’s precisely one month since this enviable platform was launched. For those of us on board and for the benefit of those who are yet to be part of this noble course, let’s share a brief insight into what this platform is all about.


Earlier this year I thought of a better way to network as Professionals whereby we could meet, share ideas, learn and inspire each other…. An idea came into my head and I decided to bring it to fruition. The idea was to create a global space dedicated to Photography reviews, news, editorials, and an online community for creative Professionals.(Modelling, Videography, Makeup Artists, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Creation, 3D Animation, etc). After extensive deliberation, I started the design and building of the site in April and concluded on the 30th of April, 2017… It became fully operational for everyone on the 1st of May, 2017. It has a section for news, business tips, ideas, Editorials, product reviews also and then the online community proper.. it houses a very robust forum structure and groups according to your genre of Creativity.

A couple of Editorials have been published and a number of Creative Professionals have joined the community. This publication is designed to enlighten members and intending members on how to use this platform because it’s pretty advanced and future-proof



As it is with any community, group, forum or gathering, one thing is to be a member, another thing is to participate and make a valuable input. The good thing about this platform is that whatever goes on here impacts positively on the society at large. As a photographer, videographer or creative professional of any sort, we encounter challenges daily, no one knows it all. So I hereby encourage every member and intending members to incorporate into your workflow active participation in this community; endeavour to share at least one piece of your craft every day, throw up at least a topic of discussion every day. It could either be an image or a video file, visual effects, animation, anything. tell us how you created it, challenges you faced and how you overcame them; from the community responses via comments, we’ll definitely gain a whole lot of knowledge and get better at what we do.

The site is equipped with a featured image/video functionality which automatically populates posts with the highest number of likes, shares and comments. These posts would form a stream/gallery which would appear on pages of this platform or a dedicated page. As it pops up, members can vote, comment, share other members works; at the same time Google is picking keywords and metadata from your image/video files and making it available online. In the end, you get noticed and more businesses start coming your way. All these features have been taken care of at the design stage.

Incorporate this into your daily workflow. No content is bad. As an amateur, don’t be shy about sharing your works or asking questions. Constructive criticisms are welcome. No discrimination of any sort is allowed here. As a professional don’t feel you know it all. There is always something new to learn daily. Your presence here may just be the leap someone needs. Impacting lives is key. Let’s endeavour to keep our communications civil here and have maximum respect for each other.



If for any reason members or intending members would want to contact the team behind this noble platform, you could use any of the available channels on the site. There’s a small envelope symbol on the bottom right, you’ll see it while viewing in desktop or Tablet mode. you can use that to communicate with the site admin. you can also use the contact page which can be accessed through the footer area.



Once again We want to say thank you to members of this great community. It’s clear that you believe in the vision and the need for us all to come together, learn, share knowledge and inspire each other. To those who are still undecided, don’t wait any longer, the time to be a part of this is now. This is the place to be.

If you have any observations, suggestions, kindly state them using the comments section below.