Smoke Machine with remote control


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The fog machine is a beast of a machine! We feel ours is better for many reasons. We include both a wired remote control as well as a wireless timer remote. The wireless timer remote is going to be your best friend! You can hit a single button and the machine will disperse fog for 30 seconds. The fog will stay in the air for a while, and every now and then you can hit the timer remote button again. Features: Output: capacity 3,000cfm (cubic feet per minute 3.5 minute start time (fastest on the market for a similarly priced unit) Manual fog button Wired remote included Wireless timer remote included. Hit one button and 30 seconds of fog will come out Water-based fogger compatible with standard fog fluid.. 10 Fluid Ounces per hour Our fog machine will output literally twice as much as other machines being sold by other famous brands. .Compact and powerful…

 1 Gallon of Organic Fog Fluid (128 oz) – High Output Long Lasting Fog Machine Fluid

  • One gallon of premium water based fog machine fluid – remains clean, dry and odourless
  • Medium density formulation delivers good hang time and excellent dispersion
  • FogWorx Fog Juice is designed for use with any water based fog machine – Optimised for machines with as little as 400 watts
  • Impress customers and friends, perfect for lighting enhancement applications, night clubs, parties and mobile DJ’s


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