As a Photographer, we find ourselves constantly seeking for knowledge in certain areas to enable us to get better at what we do. Shooting Portraits could sound pretty simple but in the real sense of it, it’s not that simple. A lot of factors come to play and our ability to manage those Factors nicely to produce great images should be our forte.


The image above shows the ingenious use of various lighting modifiers, gear and positions being applied to achieve spectacular results. Special thanks to the folks over at Digital Camera World for putting this “Cheat Sheet” together to serve as a guide for us. We can either apply these or tweak the lighting positions a bit to achieve our results. A good example is the featured image used in this post. it was shot and produced by @omoakin. You can check him out on Instagram using this handle Ayodeji Photography

Why don’t we try these out and submit our results in the forums section dedicated to Lighting Setup For Portraits; let’s share our findings and challenges. Good Luck.


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