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    What is Retouching?

    Steps in Retouching?

    Where do you apply retouching?

    Is it compulsory as a Photographer to retouch every Image?

    • Good..

      Retouching is the process of getting an image ready for final presentation.

      Steps in Retouching … first of all, you start by cleaning up the image… remove unwanted flyouts, distractions, then you work on the image to get your desired result.. now.. this response is a general response because the process for retouching hair is different from retouching clothes, cars, teeth, headshots, fashion… so you may need to bring up a case study for us to address

      Retouching can be applied anywhere….

      it’s not compulsory to retouch every image… in fact as a photographer, you will get to a point where you can look at an image and figure out if retouching is necessary or not @shimite47

      • So how do you retouch in Photoshop?
        What are the steps?
        The Pros n cons?

        • lets assume we have an image of a headshot, first things first, you clean up, secondly, you separate the tones from the texture and edit them separately, later on you merge them into one piece, then you do your dodging and burning, color correction, sharpening of your image and your’re done.

          now there is a process on how to handle each stage.

          view this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pp7QxE9CkI @shimite47

        • Pros and cons…
          if done well, it offers you a better presentation of your work.. if done badly it affects your brand perception… so you can go through that link i shared, then follow it step by step, maybe we can use that as a basis for further discussion @shimite47


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