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    I wanted to try out something new so I asked my makeup artist to do something nude. no powder was used for this. then to add a reflective feel to the subject, we added baby oil around the neck/shoulder area. Some people call this a ” Messy Dream” series….
    The author calls it the “naked series” @phabulousmakeupartistry
    for the lighting, I used just 2 lights, one softbox and a reflector. there was a softbox coming from the left, then a reflector on the right used to bounce off light back to the subject to kill off the shadows on the right side and then a strobe behind the subject used to create that gradient lighting behind the subject.
    camera Maker NIKON
    Camera Model D7100
    F-Stop f/9
    Exposure Time 1/60 secs
    ISO Speed ISO – 100
    focal length 50mm
    Post Production was done using Capture One Pro 10.1 and Photoshop CC 2017


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