• Forte commented on a Group logo of Beauty and Editorial Makeup Photography and RetouchingPhoto in the group Beauty and Editorial Makeup Photography and Retouching 1 year, 12 months ago

    Let me state my issues with that image…
    1). From the makeup.. we decided to use stones and if you look closely, the makeup artist didn’t align the stones properly on the right eye… The left eye was okay.
    Also while working on the image I could still see the skin patches which meant she didn’t do her foundation work properly. I did my best to correct it in Post production. I’ll say that wasn’t a good makeup to start with… Learning point here is for every member of your creative team to pay attention to details… Endeavor to get everything right in camera.
    2). Post production… I still feel there was too much red content in the overall color… I should have corrected that so as to give it that natural look.
    Did anyone see these things I mentioned? Are there more issues?


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