• Desmond posted an update in the group Group logo of Portrait PhotographyPortrait Photography 1 year, 12 months ago

    The setup and the image shot.
    1 octasoftbox nd 1light stand
    1speedlight at 1/8 power
    Grey backdrop(handpainted)
    Process: the light was placed left at an angle of 45degrees
    Camera settings include shutterspeed: 1/100ths, F5.6 nd an iso of 100
    Editing done in light room where reduction of d highlights alittle to get d dramatic look
    While cline stamping was done in photoshop to remove blemishes
    Camera used was a canon 600d
    • @avatarbentov nice try. when you say the backdrop was hand painted, can you throw more light on that. it’s amazing to see what some photographer can do from a small space. Kudos

    • Hi! By handpainted i mean that i actually went to d market to get the material which in turn i painted grey to give me d grey background.. You can paint watever colour you want as your backdrop


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