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      An upcoming hair stylist figured out that having collaborative photo sessions with Industry players would help give her some much-needed awareness for her craft by publishing results of her sessions online. She’s equally good at what she does so it was quite easy for her to get approvals for creative sessions when she contacts other creatives or vice versa.

      In this particular episode, she contacted the makeup artist who agreed to provide a photographer for them to jointly work on a Bridal Inspiration photo session. A date was agreed upon and as usual, resources were put in place to ensure the session was a success.

      Three weeks later, the photographer released the images to everyone who participated with his watermark on them. Normally images from such sessions are used for online purposes by those involved to showcase their craft. The stylist, like most others, love to have their logo on images they use on their social media handles to further showcase their work. When they do this, they always ensure they give credits below to all the parties involved in the session.  The stylist went ahead and removed the photographer’s watermark which was pretty small and then put her logo on it and published 2 images online. giving credits to all that participated.

      Hair by………..

      Makeup by………

      Photography by………

      Bridal Accessories by …………


      A few hours after that, a couple of online blogs had already started reposting from the hair stylists page; at the same time giving credits to everyone who participated. The Makeup artist called the hair stylist saying that the photographer isn’t particularly pleased with the fact that his watermark wasn’t visible on the images being reposted that in fact, she should take down the images… The stylist apologized that she didn’t mean any harm and that subsequent ones, she’ll post would be as sent to her but that she can’t take down those already published because they had already gone viral and of course people would want to come to her page to view…

      That didn’t go down well with the makeup artist so much later that night, the photographer went to the stylist’s wall and made this post.


      The stylist read is and didn’t utter a word. Went ahead and deleted the post. The photographer went ahead and posted it a second time.  Two hours later, the makeup artist started calling and then started texting, reigning curses on the stylist…

      See below.


      The next day a lady who posed as a lawyer called and asked her to take down the images citing copyright issues. The hair stylist made it clear to her that that was a collaborative shoot, she’s not a criminal. She even agreed that subsequent images to be published would not be tampered with.

      In less than 24 hours, Instagram took down the images from the hair stylists page citing copyright claims. After that the makeup artist went ahead and published one of the images, giving credits to others who participated and intentionally omitted this hair stylist. As of today, the images are still being used online by the makeup artist and the photographer. The stylist was not paid for her time and resources either. She was also labeled an ingrate and denied usage of images that contain her work.


      The questions I need answers for are thus…

      1). How is it possible for members who worked creatively on a collaborative shoot to be sworn enemies overnight?

      2). The blogs who decided to repost from the hair stylist’s page and at the same time give credits to everyone involved, did they do wrong?

      3). Can one see an image and contact the hair stylist for photography services or contact the photographer for makeup or hair styling services?

      4). Is it because this hair stylist is a lady that’s why she’s being oppressed?

      5).  What role do we play towards the upcoming creatives? Do we feel threatened by them and then resort to oppressive measures or we assume the role of a mentor and encourage them??



      Kindly share your candid thoughts

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