Ways To Improve Collaborations While Working With A Creative Team

The importance of teamwork cannot be overemphasized when it concerns success on any project.  From the established organizations to that small start-up firm, they all harness the power of team spirit to achieve spectacular results. That being said, we need to also know when to honor requests for collaborations and when not to get involved. Don’t get me wrong; The primary objective for any collaborative session is to create outstanding results that would create or add value to each Creative Professional involved. Results you know you can’t achieve on your own.

How to Improve collaborations while working with a Creative Team.

Have a clear objective.

This is part of the planning stage. Team members should discuss extensively on what they want to achieve, how they intend to achieve it, tasks are delegated and everyone executes theirs professionally.


Set Smart Goals.

The objectives must be realistic and time-bound. For further clarity, it’s always good to use a mood board, whiteboard or any form of visual representation of the possible end product to help serve as a reference point.

Establish An Atmosphere of Trust, Mutual Respect, and Safety.

Every member is prolific in his or her own field and so should be respected for that. No one is too small and no one is too big. The atmosphere should encourage diverse points of view, perspectives, and creativity. During my collaborative sessions, I usually generate healthy discussions among my team, we discuss their craft, I give them words of encouragement and make sure they’re relaxed throughout the session.

Provide Necessary Infrastructure.

For example, at ForteSpy Studios, we make sure there’s a conducive environment for every member of the team to work without any disturbance/interference. Every member also has a dedicated workstation. This also contributes to creating amazing results.

Keeping Healthy Relationships.

As Creative Professionals, there’s an associated amount of ego that comes with that status. Appreciating others, engaging in purposeful conversations and the ability to tame that ego is very important. We should find ways to communicate with each other, not just as professionals but as human beings. This would help build trust and the much-needed bonding among team members. This connection between team members is key.


Having mentioned these key tips, the question now is, how do you know when to say no to a collaboration. It’s simple.

We mentioned earlier that the primary objective of a collaboration should be to create outstanding results that would go a long way in adding value to your life/business; results you can’t really achieve on your own.

If you’re contacted for a collaborative session or you initiate contact for a collaborative session and you sense any form of distrust, disrespect or any member acting unilaterally or in isolation, kindly flee. Those are clear signs of possible failure. Here’s an example of a collaboration that went bad.

Hope I’ve been able to shed some more light on this topic. If you have more ideas to share kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below, we’ll be glad to hear from you



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