The Nik Collection Just Got Axed

Google Nik Collection.

Nik Collection is a set of plug-ins developed for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture. The Collection consists of vintage camera filters, black and white controls, HDR effects, noise reduction, colour correction, colour enhancement and sharpening.

Back in 2012, search giant, Google acquired this software bringing it and its popular photo editor Snapseed into its list of assets. Snapseed was at that time the most preferred photo editor on the iTunes App Store. Later in 2013, Google announced Snapseed would no longer be available as a Desktop application; thereby making it a mobile-only app. At that same time, the price of the Nik Collection crashed from $500 to $150. In 2016, Google again announced that the Nik Collection would now be going for free. There was so much joy in the photography community because the Nik Collection was very useful especially in speeding up our post-production workflow.

Google just made an announcement via a banner it posted on the Nik Collection Website and it reads;

The Nik Collection is free and compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 through 10.10; Windows Vista, 7, 8; and Adobe Photoshop through CC 2015.
We have no plans to update the Collection or add new features over time.


Well, for those who still make good use of this collection, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be compatible with future versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, Mac OS and Windows OS. You could just download a free copy and keep just in case; probably Google may just be magnanimous enough to make it some sort of open-source project where developers can redefine and keep it alive.. otherwise we’ll miss you dearly NIK…….

Nikon Nigeria Offers Free DSLR Sensor Cleaning Service

If you own a DSLR Camera and shoot professionally, you’ll agree with me that the sensor has a high affinity for dust. This dust can get into the camera system via a number of ways but the easiest way is through the frequent changing of lenses. This is a whole new topic on it’s own which would be published sometime soon.

New Creation Worldwide Link Nigeria Ltd which is the approved franchise for Nikon in Nigeria otherwise known as Nikon Nigeria just announced that they would be offering a free DSLR Sensor cleaning service for Nikon shooters in Nigeria. This is good news especially for those of us who are a bit sceptical about having such delicate aspect of our gear being handled by any firm outside Nikon.

It’s scheduled to take place on the 11th and 12th of May, 2017 at No. 47, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos. They’re open to photographers for this particular service from the hours of 10.00am through 4.00pm on both days.

it’s imperative we avail ourselves of this opportunity to ensure our gear is attended to and in good shape afterwards. Subsequently, they’ve promised to get to other cities in Nigeria like Port Harcourt and Abuja. We’ll keep you posted immediately the cities to be visited and time of visit are finalised.